A Time for every Purpose.

 A time for every purpose under Heaven! There is much comfort in this adage and much truth. We try really hard to deny this and then… Bam…something happens, which gives us a tiny glimpse of a greater plan and we are often forced to accept this , if not believe, against our will, even if it is only temporarily.

I am often perplexed because believing is almost a dirty word now…it not only saddens me but amuses me too! The benefit of age and hindsight I imagine. It amuses me because it is used loosely for mundane things…exercise, fast food, body piercings, sex, same sex partners, TV shows, clothing, appearance…Saddens me because it is an internal force that tapped into can be  a mainstay of strenght , humility and staying the path…in these often very troubling times we live in. Instead we use it for random and often inconsequential things…things we profess to believe in one day…and forget about the next !

What happened to the other stuff we used to believe in …what happened to it’s purpose? Respect, family, love, consideration, sacrifice, civility…prayer , the Good Lord ? Taking time out for others…helping others…doing for others…when did we turn so selfish? Why must there always be  a quid pro quo ? Why do those who do not expect this , be judged and get relegated to the ranks of…simpletons…losers…a waste of time ?

The Good Lord says there is a Time for every purpose under Heaven…..I do believe He knows …..