Reclaiming our Humanity…

The countdown to the New Year has started…depending on our geographical locations, the New year is closer to some of us than others and as this year reels to an end, the heart is saddened at the manner and speed at which our humanity is plummeting to baser depths than the mind and soul can even begin to grasp! Reeling in shock the paradigm of human behavior seems beyond almost any…human dimension! How does one fall into such an horrific abyss of brutality… injustice…atrocities…flagrant wrongs…which are now taking place across borders and continents with impunity and a scary nonchalance…with non committal and apathetic stances and  insouciant nods and approvals from the “powers that be”…this is certainly not the man the Good Lord made in His image…

I realize it is easy to lay blame…randomly on circumstances…lack of education… poverty…mob frenzy…but do we not as members of a Civil Society have to own up to having failed on all these levels…and then some…because we are witnessing regular barbaric acts of inhuman actions in our milieu…with no end in sight…unfortunately the media does not always help and has to stop pushing the envelope of depravity and horror just because that garners more readership…

Where does all this behavior take root? In the mothers arms..the mother who is regularly abused by a system that gives her no respect or dignity…in an education system that is defective even in it’s eliteness…in imparting or rather failing to impart core values of substance…in daily social dealings that lay no emphasis on justice and rights…on a total  lack of a commitment and adherence to laws of basic human conduct. Responsibility and  accountability, two vital humane proponents seem not to concern us too much…they are not qualities we seem to pay much attention to…admire…or even try to inculcate…

Public and personal outrage is also not new…despair… remorse…sorrow…anger…grief is demonstrated as a collective outpouring…but more is required…much more.! We have to relearn core human behavioral tenets…We have to relearn to live them…We have to stand up to be counted in a commitment for change…starting from each and everyone of us! 

As always, I do believe, that it is the belief in a higher form of accountability, that more often than not propels us towards a more humane and just approach to all we do and say. A regular dose of personal introspection and critical self analysis is absolutely vital! When all is said and done , we need to be prepared to stand up to be be counted ! Reclaiming our humanity is where we have to begin…there is no doubt that the pockets and islands of excellence that abound around us are praiseworthy on all sorts of levels…we do however still need to aspire to making serious commitments for change in our bid to reclaiming our humanity across the board…

This blogging year has been one of much joy…encouragement…discovery and personal growth…my blogging ‘family’ is now a vital part of my being…and although this year I have been absent from it for long periods of time…it is now very much a part of me! 

As always, the Lord be praised , we had a family Celebratory Finale to the year…and my common and blessed refrain is…truly my cup runneth over…

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year….may it be one of much joy…good health…love and laughter….inner peace for each one of us as well as a collective one for our world….


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  1. Val
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 02:10:38

    Happy new year, Shama, to you and your family.


  2. bronxboy55
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 18:43:50

    Very well said, as always, Shama. I still believe the vast majority of people are good, caring, and compassionate. Unfortunately, it takes just a few to cause a great deal of pain for many. I think we need to pay more attention to each other. We’re so connected, and at the same time, so detached.

    I wish you all the best the new year has to offer.


  3. shamasheikh
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 06:33:25

    Many thanks Charles!

    I totally agree with you in the goodness of people generally…however, it is those few who hold us all hostage to all sorts of acts of tyranny and injustice who seem to be prevailing in many parts of the world…including mine…and that is heartbreaking…

    As you so rightly say it is the need of the hour for us to connect in humane and compassionate ways rather than purely in the digital and hi-tech…

    Wishing you and yours every joy and happiness for the new year…
    God bless…


  4. Mal
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 08:34:24

    You are a part of my blogging family, dear Shama, may we all continue to remain in touch and be always blessed by His grace.. God bless. Happy New Year!


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