The Forty Rules of Love…(4)

As human beings our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world…as being able to remake ourselves…said Gandhi! Being in harmony with our hearts…beliefs…and Universal truths increases our ‘human’ potential and strength! Kindness in thinking…words…sharing…giving…allowing the laws of God to take precedence over the laws of man…creates profound pockets of love and confidence…and becomes a source of an exponential power! 

In this world of changing values…perceptions…priorities…we need to hold fast to the values we have grown up with…be unafraid to defend them…hold firmly to our tenets of belief and let them be our help and guide…but being able take the reins of our life in our hands requires a deep abiding commitment to stay the path…take personal moral responsibility for the space we occupy…believe in the ultimate wisdom of the divine…so that it can all come together to help us develop into our personal potential and greatness…

31. If you want to strengthen your faith, you will need to soften inside. For your faith to be rock solid, your heart needs to be as soft as a feather. Through an illness, accident, loss, or fright, one way or another, we are all faced with incidents that teach us how to become less selfish and judgemental, and more compassionate and generous. Yet some of us learn the lesson and manage to become milder, while some others end up becoming even harsher than before. The only way to get closer to the Truth is to expand your heart so that it will encompass all humanity and still have room for more Love.

32. Nothing should stand between yourself and God. Not imams, priests, rabbis, or any other custodians of moral or religious leadership. Not spiritual masters, not even your faith. Believe in your values and your rules, but never lord them over others. If you keep breaking other people’s hearts, whatever religious duty you perform is no good. Stay away from all sorts of idolatry, for they will blur your vision. Let God and only God be your guide. Learn the Truth, my friend, but be careful not to make a fetish out of your truths.

33. While everyone in this world strives to get somewhere and become someone, only to leave it all behind after death, you must aim for the supreme stage of nothingness. Live this life as light and empty as the number zero. We are no different from a pot. It is not the decorations outside but the emptiness inside that holds us straight. Just like that, it is not what we aspire to achieve but the consciousness of nothingness that keeps us going.

34. Submission does not mean being weak or passive. It leads to neither fatalism nor capitulation. Just the opposite. True power resides in submission –- a power that comes from within. Those who submit to the divine essence of life will live in unperturbed tranquillity and peace even when the whole wide world goes through turbulence after turbulence.

35. In this world, it is not similarities or regularitiesthat take us a step forward, but, blunt opposites. All the opposites in the universe are present within each and every one of us. Therefore the believer needs to meet the unbeliever residing within. And the nonbeliever should get to know the silent faithful in him. Until the day one reaches the stage of Insan-ı Kamil, the perfect human being, faith is a gradual process and one that necessitates its seeming opposite: disbelief.

36. This world is erected upon the principle of reciprocity. Neither a drop of kindness nor a speck of evil will remain unreciprocated. Fear not the plots, deceptions, or tricks of other people. If somebody sets a trap, remember, so does God. He is the biggest plotter. Not even e leaf stirs outside God’s knowledge. Simply and fully believe in that. Whatever God does, He does beautifully.

37. God is a meticulous clockmaker. So precise is His order that everthing on earth happens in its own time. Neither a minute late nor a minute early. And for everyone without exception, the clock works accurately. For each there is a time to love and a time to die.

38. It is never too late to ask yourself ‘Am I ready to change the life I am living? Am I ready to change within?’ Even if a single day in our life is the same as the day before, it surely is a pity. At every moment and with each new breath, one should be renewed and renewed again. There is only one way to be born into a new life: to die before death.

39. While the parts change, the whole always remains the same. For every thief who departs this world, a new one is born. And every decent person who passes away is replaced by a new one. In this way not only does nothing remain the same but also nothing ever really changes. For every Sufi who dies, another is born somewhere.

40. A life without love is of no account. Don’t ask yourself what kind of love you should seek, spiritual or material, divine or mundane, Eastern or Western… Divisions only lead to more divisions. Love has no labels, no definitions. It is what it is, pure and simple. Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mal
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 06:16:17

    No 31 is such an important point, Shama, and stands out for me. Many people as they get older, sadly, become more and more harsh and rather less tolerant of others. Instead of showing patience and acceptance, they voice anger and displeasure at everything and everyone.
    Thank you for this thought-provoking post..


  2. shamasheikh
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 21:40:08

    Thank you Maleeha…

    Sadly, i agree and understand what you are saying…but it also now more and more apparent to me..that it is me…myself…who has to rise above this and show a generosity of not just the spirit but also the walk and the talk…the prayer for His help and guidance in this is a constant…

    God Bless…


  3. souldipper
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 01:52:29

    Shamasheikh, thank you for these great teachings. They are like a refreshing drink – or breeze. When I am given Sufi wisdom, I hear the truth. They remind that I have donned the world. The teachings gently help me remove the cloak. It’s okay to be a fiery lover!


  4. shamasheikh
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 04:04:39

    I am so happy you have enjoyed them Amy…
    The gentle beauty and truth of these life teachings are truly akin to an uplifting breeze across one’s consciousness…you put it so well as always Amy…

    God bless…


  5. Arindam
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 09:43:13

    Thanks for these words of wisdom Shamaji. So true. You are a wonderful writer.
    Just like you have mentioned, I am asking the same question to myself; “Am I ready to change the life I am living? ” I hope it’s not late for me. 🙂


    • shamasheikh
      Sep 14, 2012 @ 14:51:20

      My apologies for this delayed response Arindam…this obviously went below the radar and I have just seen it…

      The change, growth and evolvement that is so obviously yours is indisputably visible in your writings…your tendency to sell yourself short is part of your humility and charm…so please never think that it is too late…it is never too late…

      You are an exceptional young man Arindam…never forget that 🙂
      God bless…


  6. dreamingthruthetwilight
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 16:47:23

    How clearly and lucidly you have put down some of the basic truths that we should all know. Keep writing.


  7. shamasheikh
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 01:10:55

    I am sure you will enjoy the Sufi teachings in this book Nadira…The forty rules of love by Elif Shafaq…it became one of my favorites as soon as I started reading it…and it has taught and inspired me greatly…I cannot however take credit for all this wisdom…

    Good to see you here…God bless…


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