The Roller Coaster of Life…

The last week has been a roller coaster ride of life…with the dips overtaking the highs…but so is life…and it is often at times like these that we seriously take time out to think of all the taken-for-granted blessings of life! My father, a fount of wisdom, was wont to remind us gently that we were all standing in line en route to our Common Destination, with none of us aware of the order of this queue ! This last week threw a few curved balls in the realization of the order of who were in this line, en route to meet our Maker! As always at such occasions, we are a little shaken at the renewed awareness of our mortality, at the finality of death…with this great and undisputed truth and reality almost always catching us on the back foot, so to speak…in spite of ourselves and faith…

The realization of the comfort zone of our traditions is most reassuring…  enveloping us in the warmth and tender care of words…love…numbers…strength and support and carries us through the initial pain, easing the grief and giving consolation, strength and hope…definitive emotions to carry us through…the process of renewal of faith is further strengthened in Celebrating Memories and so the Good Lord’s grace begins to help us back…allowing our memories to color our being with a sense of comfort and inner peace…

It is His grace and generosity that even times like these are interspersed with the highs of life! A gathering of family…peace and thankfulness at seeing the new generation converge and take responsibility in times of need whilst embracing connective tissues…the joy and elation at having two of my children back home for a bit…one of them thankfully well on the road to recovery after an unfortunate injury…the weather change bringing much needed relief…a family holiday in the pipeline…happy reminders of the incredible color palette of life…humbling reminders of universal truths…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. souldipper
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 00:03:11

    What a triumph to see the torch passed on when it’s needed most. Blessings and strength to one and all.


  2. Shama Sheikh
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 14:43:06

    You are right, truly a blessing. Many thanks for your kind and comforting words…


  3. Priya
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 10:07:49

    It is delightful to know that the traditions that nurture and provide a wholesome succor to the soul are so well passed on, is it not? Happiness to all at home, Shama.


  4. shamasheikh
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 19:16:34

    Many thanks Priya…It is indeed comforting and reassuring seeing the baton being passed on so convincingly…manna for the soul and spirit!


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