A common destination…

Steve Jobs, the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire…the visionary who has inspired and empowered a whole generation and then some…in his Commencement address at Stanford University in 2005 laid out three important and life changing principles to the students! Amongst them was, that we all have one common destination…death! It is the awareness, understanding, acknowledging of this ultimate truth and ‘given’ in life that motivates and enables us to push the limits of whatever we are trying to achieve…on a daily basis. The Good Lord gave us this truth well before…but, it is because we treat death like a dirty word, this great truth has never got the traction and importance that is due it, in relevance to our own growth potential…

This brings home the vital importance of contemporary role models and the definitive impact they have on us. To lay down principles and live by them…is something we all try to do in our own ways, winning some, losing some! However, being in positions of power…influence…awe…respect…inspiration…this comes with it’s own set of rules and responsibilities, almost one can say, a moral responsibility towards the formative matrix of society. 

Steve Jobs was one such, securing his place in the pantheon as not only one of the most influential industrial designers and visionary…but a technological compass of our times! He almost singlehandedly changed the matrix of how we create…communicate and literally live in cyberspace! He changed the way we relate to communication and technology by emphasizing the fun in functionality. Along with all this great technology…he also mapped out a compass for human action and intent…reminding us that adulteration of intent is the root cause of moral bankruptcy…a formidable legacy…


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