Is it just me or are our children always saying Goodbye to fly off to distant shores! And again…is it just me or do we never get used to this? The tug at your heart at seeing them leave ‘home’ certainly never gets easier…I used to think and hope that it would get easier with time…it does not…you just learn to handle it better! In this ‘ Global Village’ we live in, this migrational trend is a commonplace scenario and in my part of the world, we are the first generation to experience the huge scale of this migratory phenomena in our ‘global village’ world…this is another ‘fact of life’ we have to get used to…it is not easy!

My first child got married and left home for the other side of the world almost eighteen years ago…seems a lifetime ago! I was overwhelmed by conflicting emotions and having my younger two still with me was a blessing! The beginnings of the ’empty nest’ syndrome had been initiated! Admittedly having children still at home made it easier…but easy is relative! When my second child left home, he was physically nearer and trips back home from college were more frequent…it was not easy…it was not getting easier! When my youngest left…the cycle of the ’empty nest’ syndrome was complete and I forced myself to constantly remember the words a dear friend had said to me ‘imagine how you would feel if you could not afford them these opportunities’! It was not easy…but I tried to keep this in mind and thanked the Good Lord for the blessing of Faith and the strength therein, amongst His innumerable other blessings! It was not always easy…it still isn’t!

Now, with their choices of residence in foreign climes…the children and theirs come and go…the joy of their comings is often equal to the heavy heart at their leaving! The realization that this pain is part and parcel of the fabric of motherhood has now been accepted…the conscious acknowledgement of the Good Lord’s generosity in all these ‘comings and goings’ is a constant! The prayer for their happiness…well being…safety…resilience…is ongoing…as is the prayer that their worlds are always blessed with good health, joy, peace and plenty…as well as the prayer that our collective memories of times spent together are always vivid with the colors of love and happiness so bright that irrespective of the layers of time, they will always come up blazingly vivid in their recollection of the ties of love and connectivity to family and ‘home’!


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