This last month seems to have have flown by and I realize that I have not written at all! The reason for this disappearance from the blogosphere is due in the most part to the fact that it has been the blessed month of Ramadan! Ramadan is celebrated across the world by 1.5 billion muslims…it is now universally acknowledged…accepted and respected as a month that is held in great awe, reverence and deference across the Muslim world…for many of us, it is a month of going underground as it were, in the search and effort for more understanding in our own personal and ongoing spiritual journeys!

This month is observed, celebrated and followed with due deference and reference to Quranic teachings…colored by cultural and social norms and practices depending on your geographical position. The outer form of this month is a universal one…the abstinence! The inner one with an emphasis on ‘more’ in terms of prayer…behavior…seeking guidance…mercy…charity, both of deed and kind…has it’s own individual need, hunger and pace! The prayer here is that the significance and blessings of this blessed and glorious month will help color our lives in a more definitive…compassionate…ethical…moral…virtuous…just and fair manner…above all, that this will be in a positive and progressive curve after experiencing each passing month of Ramadan in our lives!

The end of this holy month is celebrated with great gusto and festivities across the Muslim world…this sense of celebration comes from a feeling of praise and glory of the Good Lord and His blessings upon us…which are manifested in love and brotherhood of family and friends celebrated over three days…a time of much celebratory joy, happiness, gluttony and thanks!

It is also my lovely daughter’s birthday today…and so this comes with additional thanks and gratitude to the Lord for this special blessing as part of His countless and unending gifts of grace and generosity! With the prayer that her beautiful smile will continue to bring love and sunshine to all who love and surround her…and help radiate her life always with it’s unaffected goodness and love…amen!


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  1. bronxboy55
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 20:53:17

    You seem to be someone who is filled with emotion and insight, and a limitless capacity for caring. How fortunate your loved ones are to have you in their lives. It’s so nice to meet you, even in such an abstract medium.


  2. shamasheikh
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 11:35:34

    I am flattered by your very generous words…thank you and God bless! I feel so very happy to have met you through your brilliant writings in this abstract medium, you write in a most inspiring manner…one that is easy to relate to on such different levels and I am thoroughly enjoying going through your writings!


  3. souldipper
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 17:06:09

    A mother’s prayer, so full of Love, powerfully reveals the connectedness of the world’s inner being. Its fullness and depth cannot be distorted by culture, race, or creed. It can only be embraced. Therein lies a path to peace that we all long for. Many thanks, Shamasheikh.


  4. shamasheikh
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 06:29:03

    That is such a powerful and beautiful truth…the prayer is that we can all hold on to it…thank you for the reminder Amy!


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