A dear friend and I were discussing the almost obsessive emphasis on the word ‘happiness’ these days and it was refreshing to encounter a different perspective…one tempered by the winds of time…as opposed to the Hallmark connotation we are slowly but surely being brainwashed in buying into! We tend to talk about ‘happiness’ almost as if it were a consumer item! Your ‘next material purchase’ is almost always touted as the sure route to happiness…this is an underlying message in much of our marketing these days…one that is being bought into in definitive and insidious ways…leaving very little room to maneuver in any other interpretations for discussion or discourse…

There are undoubtedly many and varied ways to interpret this most frail and strong human emotion…Webster’s dictionary starts off by defining it as…good luck…good fortune…prosperity! Other definitions cover…a state of well being…emotions experienced in a state of well being…a feeling or condition of the soul…unstudied grace…contentment…felicity…cheerfulness…blessedness…energy and enthusiasm were my friend’s addition! The list is as endless as there are versions of interpretations of this state!  We all perceive it differently on different days depending on our personal moods…changed perceptions…different stages and ages of life, as well as circumstances…we even view it differently on ‘bad hair’ days !

There is I do believe a basic common denominator…based on the core value of this state…and the depiction thereof in our personal spaces of behavior…attitudes…reactions…expressions…interaction! I believe a core expression of this is a positive attitude…which then manifests itself naturally without any contrivance in that enthusiastic energy which we often call…joie-de-vivre! This covers amongst other things being useful…compassionate…responsible…overcoming fears …confident in the conviction of being loved…having spiritual wealth and inner peace…strength of an inward power of the soul…hope…living fully in the moment. This does not mean that those who live life with this attitude have an absence of problems, they just learn to live with the ability and determination to deal with them. We have to remember that happiness doesn’t depend on who we are or what we have; it depends solely on the tides of our mind! We have to keep remembering that happiness is an attitude…a state of mind…a conscious choice…no one is in control of our happiness but ourself…it is not a destination but a journey…because the time for happiness is now, the ongoing present moment…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. souldipper
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 17:47:37

    Life will never stop presenting us with challenges so it’s up to us how we meet them. You are so wise to say that our ability to manage life well lies in our attitude. With that attitude lies my reminder to go within and dip into the Divine beauty gifted to one and all.


  2. shamasheikh
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 06:42:23

    Understanding…accepting and then having the strength to go down that path…this is also a gift par excellence! The prayer for staying this path is a constant…thank you for your gentle and encouraging reminders…


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