It is the month of May, I am on the move again and it seems this year will once again be one of much traveling…I have spent the last ten days in a favorite city of mine…London! It has been a memorable double whammy so to speak…being there with family and friends is always a treat….this time my sister decided to surprise me and joined me for a week, and what glorious week it has been…a girls holiday…a truly joyous…gleeful…memorable…unstructured…spontaneous…full of laughter…memory making time…

There is something comforting about being in London…it is well known because of time spent schooling when father was posted there…it is enjoyable in its long familiarity due to an adult period of studies and healing, spent there after a painful personal time…more than that, it is nostalgic because of all the holidays spent there…at different times and stages of life, in a city that is at the same time well known for it’s old familiarity, as well as exciting for all it’s novel and original spins on old themes…catering to a new order whilst retaining it’s inherent and fascinating olde charm…reaffirming its status as one of the truly great cities of the world…

Memories of times spent in this grand capital of the world with parents…spouse…children…family…friends…together with the undeniable and incomparable charm and olde world appeal and graciousness of the British…combined with the deliciousness of a perfect English summer has been truly delightful! The English countryside has always been a favorite…I find it quite incomparable and our short incursions into sleepy…quaint…olde worlde villages…visiting an antique fair and picking up that perfect piece you knew you always wanted…was topped off with an Al-fresco tea of scones and clotted cream in a garden of riotous hues and colors…tucked away in an olde tea shoppe…a perfect start to a long summer holiday…


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