Passage of Time…

Days…weeks…months…sometimes they all seem to merge into one another and at others…they never seem to end…or so it seems to us! The truth here is not quite so simple, because what really influences us in this passage of time, is our personal and biased perception of what we are passing through…that is what colors our viewpoints and choices…however, the moment we switch off our innate…biased …perceived views and notions…our preconceived ideas…a whole different aspect of looking at things opens up…or at least a more credible way of viewing the other facet…

The words of truth are often paradoxical…truthful words are not always beautiful just as beautiful words are not always truthful….so too is the fact that good words are not always persuasive and persuasive words not always good…a favorite quote to cover all one’s flanks comes to mind…Do I contradict myself? Very well then…I do…I am large and full of multitudes…but the fact is that everything is not always what you think it is and when we sometimes encounter that…we are taken aback…sometimes quite surprisingly and positively but, because we think we have a position to maintain, we quickly put our biased blinkers back on…

Human understanding is often inconsistent with true understanding…constant effort is necessary to keep knowledge square with the march of time. The paradoxes of life bring us to points when we start to understand just a little more…apparent loss may be real gain…cruelty may be real mercy…returning good for evil may really be justice and not generosity…as well as the realization that sometimes justice is easy, doing right not always so…the real test is being  humane enough to reel in the negative…and begin the journey to a more compassionate awareness…through it all, recognizing the Good Lord’s hand and wisdom which transcends all human calculations…


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