The tragedy that has struck Japan is heartbreaking…the aftershocks…are quite  literally being felt…not only by those living there…but emotionally by everyone across the globe. The terrifying images broadcast worldwide are just that…terrifying in their recording of the harsh…cruel…pitiless nature of natural calamities…It is at times like these above all, that our faith and belief is tested and we have to believe and understand that God is in everything and everywhere…

When things crumble in our world, we try to hold fast to whatever we can in the search for a signature of sense…how comforting it would be if things made sense and we could just slot everything into neat little boxes and compartments…but that is not how life is…it is in these acts of the divine in the play of life that we have to find meaning. It is at times such as these that our moments become more precious…that our choices change…the meaning of our choices evolve…on personal levels and on national and international response levels…

Japan has planned for such disasters…has prepared their populace for such…has developed and deployed technologies to limit damage caused by earthquakes and tsunamis…but nothing quite prepares you for…this…because there are limits to what even the best of human preparation can do in the face of…nature! After having said that, the national response in Japan has been awe-inspiring…it is in such scenarios that the acts and reactions of a people are definitively brought to the fore…primarily through what the national consciousness has been taught…their education and respect for discipline and order…for positive reconstructive energy and actions…we are what we stand for…what we endeavor towards…what we believe in…

The search and hunger to find meaning in our lives is an ongoing process…there is a deep craving for meaningful spirituality and faith. In the face of this natural calamity of epic proportion with all the compassionate responses of kind…of prayers for strength and fortitude…we have to bring more of the Divine into the expression of our responses…we have to be more of that reflection of divinity… Our Faith is our highest gift and in these trying times it will be tested…The Good Lord gives us the power to choose…once again…


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