A literary bonanza…

Poetry…prose…theater performances…discussions about literature…art…the meaning of life…manna for the spirit and soul! The last two days have been spent around this environment and it has been a truly uplifting experience. Great thoughts, beautifully articulated…inspiring dialogue, compassionately delivered…a barrage of wise and informed discourse, brilliantly presented. The download speeds for absorbing and assimilating it all had to work overtime…and did so with joy and enthusiasm…

What it has also helped to highlight and bring home more forcefully, is the inherent need to connect to these things in the comfort zone of the vernacular. I have had the opportunity and privilege to study languages and speak a few…but the joy of hearing the vernacular being spoken with the ease…fluency and beauty that some great writers and poets have spoken in, these past couple of days, has touched a core…a core we often do not even acknowledge in the “busyness” of our daily life, which has now become so…global and international in the practice and practical scheme of things.

Although this globalization of speech…manner…dress…execution…has now become a natural need and way of life…and perfectly acceptable on many levels…the sense…significance…understanding that is enriched by the core perception of our roots…traditions…language is a space entirely on its own…a most comforting, comfort zone…


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