The Lotus Eaters…

This mythical lore has held a fascinating hold on our imagination…it appears that the subject is rooted in lore and hence we don’t give it much traction in the real world. But…like all lores of myth, the basis of this too is rooted in reality…and as prevalent today as ever before…

This comes home to me with greater force when I visit certain parts of the world where half the population is literally…under wraps! I am the last person to criticize choice of dress or life style but…the key word here is…choice! Choices are, as we all know, based on family…cultural…educational…environmental influences. It is only much later when we understand the silent, often mind numbing influence of these on our lives that we decide whether to maintain them…out of choice…apathy…thought and reflection…ease…or change them, again, out of choice, and take the path less trodden by exploring paths and life choices that are not always easy to maintain or…acceptable in the main…

A fact we often find hard to accept is, that we all do, in the main, follow a herd mentality…be it in dress…behavior…life style…codes of conduct! Which brings me back to the Lotus Eaters mentality, more apparent in some societies, relatively less in others…but prevalent in all societies. It is often a silent, insidious part of life as a whole…and we can go through life without so much as acknowledging its pervasive influence and just swim with the flow. This is done naturally in the course of things…without much thought or reflection to the contrary, rather with a sense of unthinking and careless acceptance that I find hard to come to terms with. Is this just a sense of apathy…a sense of cultural brainwashing…a reaction to suppressed cultural desires…a sense or illusion of not having the strength…confidence…faith…guts…desire to rock the boat…or is it simply a mindless…numbing…apathetic…trance like easy way out of swimming against the current…


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