A Milestone Celebration with loved ones…

Celebrations are…exhilarating enjoyment…the last couple of weeks have been just that as I celebrated a Milestone birthday with loved ones. With so many of my loved ones now scattered all across the Global Village we live in, we all met up in a favorite city…Singapore ! As another loved one said…Gotta love Singapore…that is so true…it is a Garden City that never fails to excite…inspire…uplift and is just a lot of fun. Having a celebratory couple of weeks here has been like a dream…

Being together with those who love you and are loved deeply, is a celebration in itself…to then top it up with a whirl of outings…a cruise…the surprise arrival of a dear one…endless eating sprees…retail therapy…self indulgences…staying up chatting till all odd hours of the night in a familiar comfort zone…the silliness and sheer pleasure of being together…are just blessings for which there is no replacement…these are blessings that are often taken for granted but leave their mark in our memory banks…so lovingly and indelibly…

Then…there are all the very loving and most generous wishes and comments from so many dear ones…whom it is joy and blessing to know and have in my corner…the calls from near and far…the love, care and consideration is overwhelming in it’s sincerity…all this comes from a most thankful and grateful heart to all who made this celebration and transition as it were, into…as someone said…the early late-morning of my life…such an absolutely glorious and celebratory one…above all, to the Good Lord for all these blessings and for helping me reiterate once again…my cup runneth over…


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