The Triumph of Faith and Endurance…

For the last two days we have watched with bated breaths the culmination of a miracle on TV. Yes…the case of the trapped and now freed, Chilean miners! We spend so much of our time disputing the miracles of the Good Lord…whether by ignoring the daily sunrise and sunset…the magnificent beauties and magic of nature…or the cycle of life…but now, this miraculous journey of faith and endurance of the Chilean miners, the untiring and phenomenal journey of technology coupled with faith and commitment is there in all it’s irrefutable hi-tech reality…

This journey of hope started in real terms for the families of the miners and the  rest of us 17 days after it had actually begun for the miners…it is unimaginable to even begin to comprehend what they went through in those initial 17 days…but their hope and faith brimmed to the surface and the rest of the world in their first contact…an unforgettable moment…and from then on, the caravan of hope, work, technology, commitment, resilience , endurance , unity,  faith…culminated in the rescue of all the trapped miners…a record in every sense of the word and record stats. The heart sings at this modern day miracle…with thanks and gratitude to God for enabling us to make it happen…a blessing par excellence…

The wave of jubilation, camaraderie, team work, love , rejoicing, joyous triumph that greeted the first miner right up to the last one who surfaced was an unforgettable sight…a victory for humanity…cutting across borders, faiths , color, class, creeds…this is the lesson that this modern Day miracle brought to our world…this is the hope and commitment we need to remember. The cage that brought the miners out of the dark underworld bowels of the earth was named…the Phoenix…an apt name, full of hope and expectancy…is mankind ready to rise out of the ashes of tyranny, oppression, autocracy, domination…to a Second Coming…


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