Friendships and Family…

Friendships are truly blessings par excellence…the joy and comfort of being with someone who fills up the space around you so effortlessly, without any imposition, understanding your moods in the light of shared experiences…and then…most importantly…not saying anything hurtful or careless! Therein I do believe lies the true comfort of friendship…this concern and…reluctance to say the mindless and not so kind word…something we do not always take care of in other relationships…specially family!

In other relationships…most specifically of kin…this is almost never a consideration. We blurt out mindless, inane , hurtful thoughts without a care in the world…this is sadly, said to those we should really be taking the most care of…knowing full well we would never say these things to a…friend.  We justify this by saying…we can choose our friends…but not family…and so with Family it is almost always ‘open house’ day…sad, but true.

It is only much later as we age…grow…evolve…understand…do we come to realize the significance of family! These irrefutable ties that we often spend the better part of our lives trying to forget, start to bring feelings…emotions…to a table we have stopped sharing. The comfort zone of their ‘being’ impacts our being in ways we never expected it to…these are often latent feelings we still try to suppress…the hype of not being able to choose kin as opposed to friends has done it’s work well…

The ideal becomes apparent often much later…friendship with family…there is little that compares with this combination…the ease of  joyous recollections…the happiness of shared memories and incidents…the comfort of being aware and in the know of the self through the years…of literally seeing and growing up together with all one’s ups and downs…the shared family expressions, nuances and changing and evolving alliances…the unspoken understanding and ease borne of a lifelong and undeniable relationship…the realization of the joy, comfort level and strength of Family is a powerful and perceptive realization…one that needs to be embraced sooner rather than later…


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