The joy of children’s successes…

What is it about your children’s achievements and successes that gets the adrenalin really pumping and brings out all sort of latent qualities of boastfulness to the fore? With the best of intentions and trying really hard not to embarrass your children…it still does not happen, and…you get a blog about it !

On another related front…is it just me or do children/young adults these days get more embarrassed than we were ever wont to…I am told repeatedly they are a more modest generation about their achievements…I am forced to acknowledge this as also realize and accept with much respect that their levels and  milestones of achievements are often quite mind boggling…I cannot for the life of me remember the sort of incredible academic grades achieved today as a norm in my day…do you? It is hence very creditable and worthy of praise to be so unassuming and unpretentious and it is a credit to all our children that they are so…

However, I am less so when it comes to the children’s achievements…and so, I am over the moon at something that my elder son has achieved recently…getting into a most prestigious but challenging professional program for his line of work…it gives me not just so much happiness and pride…but comes with many thanks to the Good Lord for His generosity…as also the prayer that it will be all he wants it to be…will help him in his journey to reach all the milestones he has set for himself…to always give him the courage to dream all his dreams…to maintain the positive strength of hope, optimism and confidence that are his forte…to retain his incredible work ethic and commitment…and in this journey help him not just to realize all his dreams and aspirations but also find joy, satisfaction, success, ease , enjoyment….above all, inner peace and the joy and contentment of achievement…Amen…


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