Light at the end of the tunnel…

Is it just me or do you also think that people are becoming more cynical and skeptical and positive attitudes towards say…the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is now turning to a…get real please ! Ostensibly a platitude…but one I strongly believe to be mired in reality…an often undeniable truth…in spite of the fact that it is more often than not, always darkest and most uncertain before daybreak. This saying does not however seem to get much respect these days or as we are wont to say nowadays…much traction!

Is it just that we as a people are becoming more and more disillusioned? Is it that people…relationships…environment…things around us, just do not seem to inspire the sort of confidence and hope that they did earlier? Or is it just that we are becoming a more censorious and unbelieving lot? Are we just succumbing to a general lack of conviction in whatever it may be and as such, bring it full term to an attitude of not really trying at all to see any hope…good…virtue…purity in whatever it may be…from the trivial to the other end of the spectrum…Although, there is no doubt that all around us there are so many pockets and areas of excellence and integrity…if only we take a step back to actually see…understand…accept…acknowledge…

Last week I got news of something that endorsed and gave comfort to the congenital optimist that I am . A very dear, young and lovely lady who had been in a most unfortunate and painful marriage had the strength some years ago to take a stand and say…no more ! She took recourse with the Law and the Law not only took it’s time, but also took  into account the most frivolous, untruthful and offensive defense…tightening the pressure points around this situation to an extend that had many of us actually doubting that there would be…light at the end of this dark tunnel…

As always however, the Good Lord’s justice came into play…there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who believe…as also showing a way back to belief for those who doubted! It is this strength of Faith…of hope…of conviction…of confidence that we need to hold on to in times of stress and often despair…of understanding that strength of character comes from these qualities and not from frivolous attitudes and behaviors of the day. These do undoubtedly have the power to sometimes temporarily negate the former…in a seemingly reality check mode to life . What it does in truth however is to bring home our need to actually be real…to believe…to have faith…to forgive and forget…to do your bit…show honest integrity…give unstintingly…be sympathetic and compassionate…appreciate all of His gifts…be patient…persevere…love ! There is, always, I do believe…a light at the end of the tunnel…

A favorite quote of mine…

He who seeks …will find!

He who knocks…to him it will be opened!

These are irrefutable, unchangeable laws!


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