Memory making times…

The last ten days have been spent in a series of festivities…marking the end of Ramadan…which is always a special time of year! This time it was made more so, as all of us siblings and spouses were together to celebrate this period of festivities…as always, at times like this, I feel that truly…my cup runneth over…

Being together is not just a memory making span of time…but a deeply felt emotional spell…it is not always translatable…but rather a feeling of well being…of serenity…of peace…of being totally at home…a shared bond of similar festivities of the past…a feeling of being whole…touching the very depths of one’s soul…of being…family !

The passing of time helps make these occasions more meaningful, taking on colors and hues that we often miss when younger. Moments are treasured…chuckled over…picturised and safely tucked away in the latest memory making devices…which capture the spirit but not the inner joy of the comfort zone that is felt but often not even acknowledged…but more importantly…all is forgotten and memories are tucked away in the recesses of the attics of our minds, a much more loving space…giving us a strength and energy to face our morrows, often without even letting us know the power of the family comfort zone we have experienced…

The younger ones try not to look on sceptically…try not to raise eyebrows seeing us act so unfamiliarly…try not to shake their heads…but little do they know or understand, we were all there too…and not too long ago it seems…was that really us ? We are the elders now…the circle of life goes on, lovingly touching all aspects of our lives…


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