Travelling down memory lane ….

It is my daughter’s Birthday today…my eldest…my first born! As I travel down memory lane…the years seem to have flown by…where did they go? My father , a font of wisdom, always said that the best of times were when we said lines such as these…where did the time go…it seems only yesterday…I don’t believe how fast time has flown…these are times of blessings…of ease…of often unrecognized peace! We tend to carelessly call them by different names…routine…rut…often not quite appreciating the quiet peace & calm of the routine!

It is only when this seemingly dull routine is turned upside down that we understand the ease of this time. Troubled, chaotic complicated times are when we crave and appreciate the order and regularity of the routine…a comfort zone we tend to be remiss and negligent about. As I look back once again today, at the time that has by the Good Lord’s Grace flown by…and my daughter’s first born now towers over both of us…there is so very much to be thankful about …

Where does one begin this endless stream of thanks…for the wonder of your first born…the joy, laughter, love of seeing them grow…the pride of their successes…the comfort of their amazing grace and humanity…the peace at seeing their lives filled with joy and happiness…the circle of life being so beautifully complete…


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