The heartbreaking absence of human values and worth…

Just when we think that we as a people cannot fall any lower…we plummet to baser depths that the mind and soul cannot even begin to grasp. Reeling in shock the paradigm of human behavior seems beyond any…human dimension. Just how does one fall to such an horrific abyss of brutality…this is certainly not the man that the Good Lord made in His image !

It is easy to lay blame…randomly, on circumstances, on lack of education, on poverty, on mob frenzy…but do we not as members of a Civil Society have to own up to having failed on all these levels …and then some, because we are witnessing regular barbaric acts of inhuman actions in our milieu…with no end in sight.

Where does this behavior take root? In the mothers arms..the mother who is regularly abused by a system that gives her no respect or dignity, at an education system that is defective even in it’s eliteness, in imparting or rather failing to impart core values of substance, in daily social dealings that lay no emphasis on justice and rights, on a total  lack of a commitment and adherence to laws of basic human conduct…

Public and personal outrage is not new…despair, remorse , sorrow, anger is also demonstrated as a collective outpouring…but more is required…much more. We have to relearn core human behavioral tenets…We have to relearn to live them…We have to stand up to be counted in a commitment for change…starting from each and everyone of…ourselves !


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