Easier said than Done!

That is certainly true…how often do we shoot off at the mouth…paying lip service to things, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, feelings, fashion, politics, leaders, present situations…that we would find really difficult to sustain if ever push came to shove? Supporting one side of the coin today…another tomorrow! How often? All the time ! Sadly, too many of us are guilty of this on some level or other.

Is this really only about shooting off at the mouth or is there more to it? Is this perhaps not also about being part of a culture that takes everything lightly, without too much of a sense of responsibility, with disdainful abandon for the future! Enjoy the moment, live life to it’s hilt, you are only young once, buy now pay later, cross that bridge only when you come to it…just do it…now ! Responsibility and  accountability, two vital humane proponents seem not to concern us too much…they are not qualities we pay much attention to, admire, or try to inculcate…why?

As always, I do believe, that it is the belief in a higher form of accountability, that more often than not propels us towards a more humane and just approach to all we do and say. A regular dose of personal introspection and critical self analysis is absolutely vital…so that we don’t roll around from one inane and unthoughtful comment or action to another. When all is said and done , we need to be prepared to stand up… and be counted !


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