Our need to stay…connected !

I often pull myself up short on this need…but it has now become,  not just a lifeline…but part and parcel of our collective personal make-up! Do we seriously remember or think about life before cellular and all technical connectivity? What is this need that seems to have overtaken our lives so very completely…what did we do before it ?

I often wonder whether this need is not some deep latent social brainwashing, a most successful project…or a personal fear of being on our own with our thoughts, heaven forbid…that pushes us to this almost visceral need for an instant one touch connection to anyone or any part of the world…or any activity in any part thereof ? Is it more than simply a sense of exhibitionism, laying our lives out there…in full view of the world at large, coupled with an unvoiced penchant for voyeurism? When and how did this need, compulsion almost, overpower all norms of privacy, with no qualm or respect for time and place, bringing into place instead a ferocious hunger to be connected at some level or other…to another ‘action’!

There are undoubtedly advantages galore to the new and improved technological environment that we live in today…there is no disputing that. It is this overly and insidious dependence and reliance on all things to keep us ‘connected’ that needs to be checked, reined in…and kept in perspective…but I am often told that perspective too is relative…so, in this relative world we live in…can we please tap into the wisdom of shutting off, to hear our thoughts…to hear others…to spend time with loved ones whilst we can…and not lose the ability to connect in…real life !


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