Responsible energy…

With a seemingly unending spate of calamities and tragedies  in our midst…be they natural or man-made, one aspect springs forward most disturbingly… a collective state of apathy and unproductive anger and energy! There seems to be an attitude of immediate knee jerk reaction…of  sorrow, shock, sympathy and anger, followed…by no specific concerted, concerned, effective or humane response after the initial one . Then we all go back to our cocooned lives…often demonstrating deplorable insensitivity.

Admitted that individual efforts are not and cannot take the place or effectiveness of a state machinery…but in the absence of such a one…pointing fingers alone is not enough! The effort and passion that more often than not goes into spouting anger, indignation, accusations and sarcasm, to those it does not reach and who are not at all bothered, is a huge waste of energy. This would be far better utilized if channeled to energize any effort, be it small or big, towards a cause of one’s choice…and there are so many in need of this .

When we invest the better part of our effort into finding fault alone…we lose and ignore two major fronts….the obvious one being support for those affected,  the other being, ignoring the individual & collective heroism of those who selflessly give of themselves in the face of  all odds in moments of calamity and tragedy. We have to keep in mind that this apathy and misdirected energy must not be at the cost of acknowledging and celebrating individual and collective acts of humanity and heroism.


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