The heartbreaking absence of human values and worth…

Just when we think that we as a people cannot fall any lower…we plummet to baser depths that the mind and soul cannot even begin to grasp. Reeling in shock the paradigm of human behavior seems beyond any…human dimension. Just how does one fall to such an horrific abyss of brutality…this is certainly not the man that the Good Lord made in His image !

It is easy to lay blame…randomly, on circumstances, on lack of education, on poverty, on mob frenzy…but do we not as members of a Civil Society have to own up to having failed on all these levels …and then some, because we are witnessing regular barbaric acts of inhuman actions in our milieu…with no end in sight.

Where does this behavior take root? In the mothers arms..the mother who is regularly abused by a system that gives her no respect or dignity, at an education system that is defective even in it’s eliteness, in imparting or rather failing to impart core values of substance, in daily social dealings that lay no emphasis on justice and rights, on a total  lack of a commitment and adherence to laws of basic human conduct…

Public and personal outrage is not new…despair, remorse , sorrow, anger is also demonstrated as a collective outpouring…but more is required…much more. We have to relearn core human behavioral tenets…We have to relearn to live them…We have to stand up to be counted in a commitment for change…starting from each and everyone of…ourselves !


Easier said than Done!

That is certainly true…how often do we shoot off at the mouth…paying lip service to things, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, feelings, fashion, politics, leaders, present situations…that we would find really difficult to sustain if ever push came to shove? Supporting one side of the coin today…another tomorrow! How often? All the time ! Sadly, too many of us are guilty of this on some level or other.

Is this really only about shooting off at the mouth or is there more to it? Is this perhaps not also about being part of a culture that takes everything lightly, without too much of a sense of responsibility, with disdainful abandon for the future! Enjoy the moment, live life to it’s hilt, you are only young once, buy now pay later, cross that bridge only when you come to it…just do it…now ! Responsibility and  accountability, two vital humane proponents seem not to concern us too much…they are not qualities we pay much attention to, admire, or try to inculcate…why?

As always, I do believe, that it is the belief in a higher form of accountability, that more often than not propels us towards a more humane and just approach to all we do and say. A regular dose of personal introspection and critical self analysis is absolutely vital…so that we don’t roll around from one inane and unthoughtful comment or action to another. When all is said and done , we need to be prepared to stand up… and be counted !

Our need to stay…connected !

I often pull myself up short on this need…but it has now become,  not just a lifeline…but part and parcel of our collective personal make-up! Do we seriously remember or think about life before cellular and all technical connectivity? What is this need that seems to have overtaken our lives so very completely…what did we do before it ?

I often wonder whether this need is not some deep latent social brainwashing, a most successful project…or a personal fear of being on our own with our thoughts, heaven forbid…that pushes us to this almost visceral need for an instant one touch connection to anyone or any part of the world…or any activity in any part thereof ? Is it more than simply a sense of exhibitionism, laying our lives out there…in full view of the world at large, coupled with an unvoiced penchant for voyeurism? When and how did this need, compulsion almost, overpower all norms of privacy, with no qualm or respect for time and place, bringing into place instead a ferocious hunger to be connected at some level or other…to another ‘action’!

There are undoubtedly advantages galore to the new and improved technological environment that we live in today…there is no disputing that. It is this overly and insidious dependence and reliance on all things to keep us ‘connected’ that needs to be checked, reined in…and kept in perspective…but I am often told that perspective too is relative…so, in this relative world we live in…can we please tap into the wisdom of shutting off, to hear our thoughts…to hear others…to spend time with loved ones whilst we can…and not lose the ability to connect in…real life !

Responsible energy…

With a seemingly unending spate of calamities and tragedies  in our midst…be they natural or man-made, one aspect springs forward most disturbingly… a collective state of apathy and unproductive anger and energy! There seems to be an attitude of immediate knee jerk reaction…of  sorrow, shock, sympathy and anger, followed…by no specific concerted, concerned, effective or humane response after the initial one . Then we all go back to our cocooned lives…often demonstrating deplorable insensitivity.

Admitted that individual efforts are not and cannot take the place or effectiveness of a state machinery…but in the absence of such a one…pointing fingers alone is not enough! The effort and passion that more often than not goes into spouting anger, indignation, accusations and sarcasm, to those it does not reach and who are not at all bothered, is a huge waste of energy. This would be far better utilized if channeled to energize any effort, be it small or big, towards a cause of one’s choice…and there are so many in need of this .

When we invest the better part of our effort into finding fault alone…we lose and ignore two major fronts….the obvious one being support for those affected,  the other being, ignoring the individual & collective heroism of those who selflessly give of themselves in the face of  all odds in moments of calamity and tragedy. We have to keep in mind that this apathy and misdirected energy must not be at the cost of acknowledging and celebrating individual and collective acts of humanity and heroism.