Celebrating Memories……

A death in the family is definitive at so many levels…when it is from one’s own age group it is more so…like  a punch in the stomach! Our heart aches in the  shock, grief and regrets that follow. Shock because death always catches you unawares, grief for its primary selfish emotions and regrets, purely because we are human. I do however find that this process of  airing grief  has the ability and potential, strangely enough, to make it a  heartrending learning encounter in cementing old relationships and establishing new ones…

After the initial and sudden blow to the system, the path to acceptance is helped along lovingly by the onslaught of memories that everyone is so eager to share! The beauty and comfort of this is not just heartwarming but often a revelation too. True, memories tend to be generous of spirit…but there has to be grounds for it..this is God’s Grace to us at such times …

My major regret of late has been that we do not indulge in this for the living …imagine the pure joy, exultation and buoyancy of heart and soul to know how lovingly others think and feel about you…in your lifetime! Imagine arranging for such an occasion…leaving it  a personal choice of expression…the mind boggles oh so yearningly for this…this has to be accredited to the winged chariots of time gathering speed…


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