Choices…what a priveleged lot we are…we have choices!  Choices to be , to do, to say, to act…exactly as we want more often than not . We are that set of individuals in most societies who have the option to exercise this choice regularly and unfortunately often, with no thought at all…and that is exactly what we do! We exercise it thoughtlessly…randomly…immorally…unethically…irreverently…irresponsibly…and take great pride in doing so…to top it all, we feel affronted if anyone dare question this privelege .

Like all priveleges , this one too comes with a responsibility! Do we usually accept that ? Very few of us do…in spite of ourselves! But sometimes…when faced with particular situations , when backed against a wall, when put in a spot , when it is a face saver…then our choices and ensuing actions are different to our norm…is that not hypocrisy?

What…me…us…hypocritical? No…it is the other person…whose Choices we are unable to stomach, unable to relate to, unable to even want to understand, unable to rationalise (within the gambit of my choices), unable to tolerate…basically unable to allow others a choice of their own which goes against the choices I make! Yes…we are the ones in this priveleged position…

So we question choices others make…choices of belief, of moral code, of dress, of head gear, of politics, of principles, of behaviour, of travel, of company, of lifestyle,  basically whatever is different from my choice of lifestyle . We forget we have an inherent contract, covenant almost, with this edge…to use it with humility…consideration…tolerance…generosity…to use it to lead by example. A difficult moral choice…one that we need to act upon now…this world with all those who have none of these choices of privelege are looking to us…


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