Hope…what exactly do we mean when we say that ?  We use this word randomly daily…without really stopping to think what it means…does it mean we wish for something in the face of odds…against all odds…hope against hope ? Do we mean, we ‘wish’ that what we often know to be difficult…out of reach…irrational…a dream…wishful thinking…a miracle…just…happens? What exactly do we mean when we say we hope. What is it’s lowest common denominator?

I do believe that for many of us it is a different one , since we all march to our own individual drumroll. However, I also believe that when all is said and done , when all is tried and worked for…deep down it is a prayer of trust in a higher power…a prayer of seeing it through…seeing it done…seeing it miraculously happen . For how else do you explain when somethings do happen…against all odds? Almost…miraculously we say, in an incredulous voice…

Yes…that is what hope is for me…this trust in the power above, the power that is , the power to do, that is His alone . Deep down when I..hope and wish…I am actually placing my trust in the power above , to help me achieve whatever it is that I am trying and hoping for…


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