Initial Musings.

My family tells me I talk too much! More lovingly and generously they say I have  a lot to say and should put it down! I love my family….more so because I know they say this not just in love, but because they mean it .

I see my words reflected in their lives, their actions and creeping through in their own words and writing! One of my son’s has his own Blog, he has been the motivating force for starting mine. I am so very proud of his writings .

I kept stalling because it is easy to talk…go on…ramble, on whatever incident, problem, action, non action, the status quo generally at hand where children, family and life around you is concerned….but this Blog will require more .

More? I am asked in horror! No, I am told … just ramble about things you do daily, about things that get you worked up, about the things you feel strongly and feel compelled to talk about and often take action on. Keep it natural, keep it flowing and keep it regular. That is what I aim to do….for whatever it is worth…..for my children and family above all.

There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children

One is ….Roots

the Other….Wings


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