A parent’s death is almost a surreal experience , as neither the heart, nor the mind has begun it’s journey of acceptance of circumstance at that point of time. We are never quite prepared for death, but the finality of this loss, irrespective of what the mind tells us, in spite of seeing the advance of old age and illness.. always seems to catch you unawares…almost on the back foot so to speak…you always want a little more time…often against your better judgement !

It is the end of an era…one in which parents are the binding factors. The loss and sense of bereavement I felt at my Father’s passing away, ten years ago was immense, but with Mother still in our midst, there was none of the finality at that time. With my Mother’s death, two years ago today… came a finality that, with every sense of faith, is still the hardest to come to terms with! I do not think that we are ever quite prepared for this loss, irrespective of age…what the mind tells us…or seeing the advance of old age and illness! The child in us is, I now realize, never quite ready to give up this status…..and grieves for it! This brings home the great truth that grieving is in part, selfish, because in this we grieve the loss of all it means to be a child, the loss of the only constant and unconditional love giver…and a place to call…Home!  God teaches us so much through this timeless circle of life…yet so many of us  still fail to see, understand, accept, and hence, act accordingly. May God in His Infinite mercy grant us all the strenght and faith to handle life in all it’s aspects, and grant us the grace to always try to do the right thing .

The journey of trying to come to terms with grief and the  sense of loss, as well as a new and changed reality is something that needs to be done in the private recesses of one’s heart and mind, as well as collectively with loved ones. The love of family is one of God’s greatest blessing..but the fear of the unknown future without the safety net of parents is challenging…huge changes take place and become part of our lives…a new structure has to naturally fall into place…new responsibilities need to be shouldered…new dynamics of family have to be worked at…some fall into place fairly automatically…others have to be worked at…it is not always easy, but the prayer is, that with His Help, family members help each other to do so in love and consideration….as a contribution to the celebration of one’s parents lives…making it their ultimate inheritance !


Deep inside our consciousness is an oasis of peace. This is at the centre of the soul. Not passive, but a source of inner power to fuel our mind and intellect, so that we can create powerful thoughts and make accurate decisions. If you can learn to go to this centre, peace will be your companion, positivity your partner, and you will be able to chill out in one second, anywhere, anytime. Returning to the centre of your self is the journey of one second. It is the regular destination of clever souls. And it is the source of your power and peace.


Relections on giving thanks.

The ushering in of the New Year also ushers in a host of resolutions….some realistic some not…. some whimsical, some fanciful, some with over reach, some with under reach….some far out and some sweet, some curious and some intrepid….but through it all runs a thread of a sense of achievement which we want to push ourselves to attain. Our hopes , dreams , aims and aspirations are all tied up in these resolutions, and although this is wonderful, we do also need to take time out to be thankful for the year gone by, and all that it helped us achieve…. in every sense of the word. It is in the first instance the year gone by that has made us strong enough to make such lofty commitments to ourself. So here’s giving thanks to all the joys of the year gone by…

To the good Lord for all His kindnesses, for family, a comfortable life style , good health , ease and inner peace in a time of much turbulence, for the strenght of belief.

To my children for their love, care, consideration, support and time …they are the joyous mainstays of my life .

To family, near and extended for always being there for me ….thank you all for being in my corner.

To those no longer with me …my parents above all….memories of their love colors my life with a sense of comfort and inner peace ….

Being surrounded by loved ones….some who  if not physically with me are always there in spirit.

Friends, both old and new…..blessings par excellence….also comfort in the reflection of the friend I am to others.

Times of so much love and laughter, in far and near corners of the world, that I have to reiterate that my ‘ Cup runneth over ‘.

Comfort in being able to find and see beauty around me in so many varied ways and scenarios.

The constant and common thread in all of this is as always ….family and friends….and although we often spend more time on so much else , on achieving so much else….in the final analysis all we need is family and  friends ….they make life worth living….ultimate blessings! Thank you ….

Every day is a Gift from God….make it Count !

Initial Musings.

My family tells me I talk too much! More lovingly and generously they say I have  a lot to say and should put it down! I love my family….more so because I know they say this not just in love, but because they mean it .

I see my words reflected in their lives, their actions and creeping through in their own words and writing! One of my son’s has his own Blog, he has been the motivating force for starting mine. I am so very proud of his writings .

I kept stalling because it is easy to talk…go on…ramble, on whatever incident, problem, action, non action, the status quo generally at hand where children, family and life around you is concerned….but this Blog will require more .

More? I am asked in horror! No, I am told … just ramble about things you do daily, about things that get you worked up, about the things you feel strongly and feel compelled to talk about and often take action on. Keep it natural, keep it flowing and keep it regular. That is what I aim to do….for whatever it is worth…..for my children and family above all.

There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children

One is ….Roots

the Other….Wings